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  1. LoneLisDev added a post in a topic My own hmong-base video game developer.   

    So from your post above, it sounds like you may be a game developer?
    if you are not, my comments below can be ignored.
    Pretty sad there isn't anyone to comment on such a great post. I'll be the first. And just so you know, I joined this community today just to comment on this.
    I know this post is way back in 2009, but hopefully it is not too late for my comments.
    I like your idea about making games, and I don't know how far you have come to achieved your goal for starting your own game company. But I know it is not something easy to do. I would say if you haven't yet, don't. It would be easier to start off making small game projects with a team. And if the game makes enough money then you can consider starting your own company, just my opinion based on what I've learn from Indie Game Developers.
    But anyways, the reason I am here is because I am really interested in game development. And I'm actually looking for a team to develop games with on a zero budget. This is doable but would required a motivated and dedicated team.
    Are you one of them?
    If you are or isĀ  currently looking for a team member, I would gladly join.
    Just a little bit about myself, I am a programmer and partially a 3D modeler. And at the moment, I use the Unity (game engine), Blender (3D App), and Visual Studio 2017 (IDE) to develop mobile games.
    if this interest you, please leave me a message.
    Thank you!
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