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  1. LausTxuj added a post in a topic THE REAL 'HMONG TEBCHAWS'.   

    Hmong country is beyond the sand dune.  One has to give up living or terminating his/her self to reach or see the Hmong country.  Why?   Every year, Hmong people send millions of dollars with their deaths to bank in this country of theirs.  This place is where Hmong people are the most prospers taking the highest position as rulers.  Hmong people don't care about the livings as long as they can earn and take as much money as they can with them to their Hmong country and they are satisfy.  A good example is like a Hmong Lao comes to the U.S.  His main mission is to work under the table , saves every penny he earn, and take it back to Laos, because back there he will be a rich man with a couple of $$$$$$.  A classic Hmong Philosophy.
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  2. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Tuag lawm los tseem tau nom loj ntxiv.   

    But, when the deceased go beyond the sand dune and become a general of the devil, he comes back to collect souldiers from the clan.  Everyone hide inside their shaman/shawoman's pant/skirt.  Hmong people are funny and delusion to the point that people are nolonger treated them seriously.
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  3. LausTxuj added a post in a topic XYOO 2017 NO COV HMOOB U.S.A. MUS NPLOGTEB/LAOS RAUG PLOJ TUAG NTAU TUS   

    I am a Hmong American and will never go to Laos.  Laos has nothing for me see or do except the bad Hmong red that will always trying to score on us Hmong VP.
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  4. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Nom Hmoob Meskas mus noj 30 nyob Suav teb.   

    No one is perfect.  Doing, fixing, and learning will eventually better all of us Hmong people.  
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  5. LausTxuj added a post in a topic LAO POLITIC/KASMOOS NPLOG KEV XAV   

    Mountangard!  Right?
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  6. LausTxuj added a post in a topic nyob zoo   

    Best wishes to all of you in 2018!
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    * Hmong!  A series of foreigners, hmong worhip  as their lord is Shi Huangdi, the Thai king, Lao king, Mao, Ho, Kaysome, Obama, and many others.  In the end, these people are the ones kicking Hmong people's a.sses. Hmong people are crazy like the old saying "a dog chasing a deer."  I will stop right here.  I just got back from the bar and too drunk to write.
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  8. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Bon Xiong Tsab Ntawv Cem thiab Xav Mus Khawb G. VP Cov Pobtxha Los Hais Plaub Dua   

    Mr. Mother Fucker Xiong is an idiot and psychopath.  He belongs in the psychiatric ward and should have never been allowed to live with human.  A subspecie like the Father Fucker Xiong is no better than serial killer.  Hmong people should chase him out of town.
    Is this, MuderFuder Fucker Xiong, Laura Xiong's Husband? 
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  9. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Nope, no body interesting Hmongza.   

    Hmongza has to allow guests to post.  The other thing is most of the regulars in here are getting old and not looking for love anymore.
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  10. LausTxuj added a post in a topic HMONG GIRL LOOKING FOR OLDER WHITE GUY   

    The Hmong US girls are catching on with the Hmong Lao girls.  Them girls are going up after the food chain, wether we like it or not the boat is going downhill without paddles.
    Our young Hmong guys should parellel themselves with their Hmong brothers in Laos and making money of these girls.  One sucking another dry down the food chain will be the best we can do.
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  11. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )   

  12. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )   

    This journal is about Russians, and the reason they are building a strong military.
    We are dying like flies here because of the hunger, but yesterday Stalin gave another dinner in Moscow in honor of [the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony] Eden. This is outrageous. They fill their bellies there, while we don’t even get a piece of bread. They play host at all sorts of brilliant receptions, while we live like cavemen, like blind moles.
    To say that the Russian people had it rough during World War II would be a monumental understatement. Depending on the source, it’s estimated that between 7–20 million Russian civilians died as a direct result of the conflict. In Leningrad alone, as many as 750,000 civilians starved to death as the Germans placed the city under siege for over two years, from September 1941 to January 1944. The above diary entry was written by 17-year-old resident Lena Mukhina just a few months into the siege.
    As the blockade wore on, residents were reduced to eating rats, cats, earth, and glue. There were widespread reports of cannibalism. At the time the entry above was written, Lena was living with her aunt, who tragically died from hunger a month later. Lena managed to survive by concealing the death from the authorities, allowing her to continue using her aunt’s food card. In later entries, she begins to plot an escape to Moscow. Her diary ends suddenly on May 25, 1942, when she made a dangerous journey to safety across Lake Ladoga. Lena died in 1991, a few short months before the Soviet Union finally collapsed.
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  13. LausTxuj added a post in a topic HMONG STATE DEVELOPEMENT   

    Hmong have a sad history.  After the fall of Emperor Chiyou, Hmong have been trying to organize and regroup time through time for millennium.  One after another failure.  We ran from the north eastern part of China all the way to the US and disintegrated to all over the world.  Without an individual hmong's commitment to love and take care of fellow Hmong, all the talk and walk, will never materialized.  If we look back, our fathers and grands generation, they have a stronger bond then what we the younger generations have today.  Let alone our commitments to our fellow Hmong, the commitments to our siblings are at its lowest.  We have to start laying out to our youngest generation and work toward the elders with a plan in mind inorder to conquer our dream of a tiny Hmong State like the Israelies. 
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  14. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Ua Ib Siab Nyuaj Heev Li Os   

    Maiv, it is hard for you to move on, because you are one that is at fault.  You break up with your boyfriend and now have regrets for doing so.  If he is to be the one who breaks up with you, it is will be so easy to move on.  The pains and sufferings that make you decide to break up with him will be a mountain of why the two of you are not together.
    Anyway, for your future, you have to move on.  There is no point to look at the past, something that you will never take it back, and it is just a waste of your time.  
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  15. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Lub Hmoob Zab No Yuaggg Dhau Hwv Lawm Lau   

    Bro.  just like everything where else, when the ladies pond dried up, everyone left.  I make a bet with you that if more ladies join HGZ; you will see endless stream of the highest testosterone h/mongkies line up to join HGZ. 
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