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  1. LausTxuj added a post in a topic what is your thoughts and opinions - after reading this website   

    Bro. Kham and Robot, seems like the two of you like "Bang V Nice" so much.  I have heard this Hmong guy talked about snicking up on couples, who went up to your $10 bath mountain, surprise the couple while still having s.ex, and demand to have s.ex with the girl/woman.    He did this on a regular basis.  
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  2. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Poj Hmoob Moj Liv Kas Raug Ntxias Nyiaj noj qab2   

    A ball has to hit the ground, before it bounces back.  This trend of social and civil unrest is normal for all human in this world.
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  3. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Why do Women Cheat?   

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  4. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Hmong realestate muag av   

    The Lao government's laws are drunken laws.  After the Lao Beer wear off, their laws changed.  It is cycle of life for everything in Lao.
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  5. LausTxuj added a post in a topic PUAS YOG PEB KHOOM HEEV LI?   

    Valentine and Lao New Year (Water Buffalo) are Hmong people's favorite celebration.  They even make these holidays bigger than the Hmong New Year (Eat 30).  Hmong is APOCALYPSE. 
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  6. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Doctor Dragged From Overbooked United Flight Causes Social Media Outrag   

    Powerball is in this Chinese Dr.'s hand.  I wish it was me.  I will have retired and enjoyed beautiful Thai girls in Pattaya.
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  7. LausTxuj added a post in a topic NAB NQOS NEEG NYOB INDONESIA   

    This snake must be Hmong's dragon.  If we don't know a human being, we ask them are you Hmong.  when we approach other form other than human, we said they are ghost.  All unknown in the water are consider dragon.  We are people of special need.
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  8. LausTxuj added a post in a topic OMG!!! Hmong people have a King now????   

    I hope he doesn't end up a child molester.  It looks to me like Hmong girls are already serving him.  Most Westerners who like to wondering around Asia are child predators.  Mr. Nhia Vang has the moral obligation to tell the Hmong people of his King's background.
    The old Hmong saying, "Mr. Nhia Vang(a pig) is digging for his King (a dog) to eat."  A big ego like Nhia Vang is a classic example of an epitaph.
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  9. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )   

    After listening to this, I feel like it hits many of us right between the eyes.  What do you think??????
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  10. LausTxuj added a post in a topic OMG!!! Hmong people have a King now????   

    Is it because his eyes are the size of a cup and ears of a fan????  Hmong devil worshiper think this is their ancestor for his eyes and ears???
    I am so jellow of him to the point that I don't want to be a Hmong anymore.  HAHA!!!
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  11. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )   

    OMG!!! Hmong people have a King now????
    Mr, Nhia Vang should just go and f.uck himself.
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  12. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Hmoob Tua 4 Tug Dawb Tag Simneej Nyob Wausau   

    what a disgrace to the Hmong people.  I hope that the Hmong do not get harassed by the majorities.  Many of us take 100 steps to build bridges, and it only take this men 2 hrs to break it.  What a shame to Hmong people.  This sucker does not represent the few Hmong men like me and some others.  I don't care of happen to him.  He should never kill that is it.   
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  13. LausTxuj added a post in a topic TXOJ KEV NTSEEG VAJTSWV/JESUS ROV QAB LOS   

    Three of the craziest Hmong cult worshipers are the tiger man, the opium man, and now new jesus.  Every now and then, Hmong undergo these epic tomb and phantom their illusions to the core.  Have we learn anything? No, our progress turns to regress.  These diseases keep spreading to no avail to a few but affecting a large scale of the Hmong populations.  The majority of us take many steps to climb the Hmong mountain only to find out that these few individuals are holding our feet back to a time capsule.  Which we can't escape, for they are Hmongs too.  What to do?  At this point, we really need a centralized Hmong intellectual institute to civilize, educate, discredit these type of phantom delusion and turn the Hmong people forward to catch up with the rest of the world.
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