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  1. LausTxuj added a post in a topic HMOOB YUAV SIB NTXUB THIAB SIB TUA TXOG THAUM TWG   

    The one that holds the Hmong people's head under water is the Hmong people's enemy.  Hmong politic is very shallow.  The Lao, Thai, and Viet people spread rumors in the Hmong communities like "there is no more land in this world for Hmong to build a country."  This statement is intended to turn the Hmong's dream into a nightmare and smashed out heart to beyond repair.  Hmong State has a deeper thought and more focus than other Hmong political money making machines.  
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  2. LausTxuj added a post in a topic HMOOB tus VAJ   

    One was born in Vietnam, another Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now this one in Sacremental, California.  I wonder which one is the real one.  I guess Hmong people like to believe those that stay in their room and never go outside to visit the Sun or the Moon.  These people usually spend their time on the bed with their sweethearts Pa Ying and hallucinated. 
    This is the sole reason behind,  all those people who have a country to call home, get rid off Shamanism, and converted their people to either Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam.  Shamanism is not a religion of unification like those major ones.  Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma were once under the great India empire.  They lost their original religion due to the suppression by their Indian masters, but who would think that this will create unification for them.  After the collapse of the great India empire, they rebel against their masters and killed all the ones remaining in their kingdoms.  If you read Lao and Thai history, they recorded themselves at war with a Giant race, who were Indians at the time.  Got to go! 
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  3. LausTxuj added a post in a topic SUAV TUAG TSHAIB TXOJ KEV SIAB PHEM ROV RAWS CUAG HMOOB   

    I have heard many Hmong Americans got beat up very bad while visiting Laos.  If the Lao-Hmongs are as bad as they claim to be, these hungry Chinese are nothing to them to kill or beat up.  I guess the Lao-Hmongs are just fulled of hot airs from their ass.holes.  I hope the Chinesemen will beat them up often.  This will make them miss the Hmong-Americans more.  Hmong-Laos deserve all the punishment they get, and I am just folding my arms to watch and laugh.  Maybe the next time, Hmong-Americans should pretend to be Chinese and kick some more Hmong-Laos assesssss.
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  4. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )   

    The object on top of the cow looks to me like a Hmong Death Drum.  In the Hmongs' journey to the netherworld, does the deceases have their cows carry the Hmong Death Drum like this picture?  If it is, then the lost sunken ancient city of Atlantis might belong to the Hmong people.  What do you guys all think?  Please share.

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  5. LausTxuj added a post in a topic THE REAL 'HMONG TEBCHAWS'.   

    Hmong country is beyond the sand dune.  One has to give up living or terminating his/her self to reach or see the Hmong country.  Why?   Every year, Hmong people send millions of dollars with their deaths to bank in this country of theirs.  This place is where Hmong people are the most prospers taking the highest position as rulers.  Hmong people don't care about the livings as long as they can earn and take as much money as they can with them to their Hmong country and they are satisfy.  A good example is like a Hmong Lao comes to the U.S.  His main mission is to work under the table , saves every penny he earn, and take it back to Laos, because back there he will be a rich man with a couple of $$$$$$.  A classic Hmong Philosophy.
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  6. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Tuag lawm los tseem tau nom loj ntxiv.   

    But, when the deceased go beyond the sand dune and become a general of the devil, he comes back to collect souldiers from the clan.  Everyone hide inside their shaman/shawoman's pant/skirt.  Hmong people are funny and delusion to the point that people are nolonger treated them seriously.
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  7. LausTxuj added a post in a topic XYOO 2017 NO COV HMOOB U.S.A. MUS NPLOGTEB/LAOS RAUG PLOJ TUAG NTAU TUS   

    I am a Hmong American and will never go to Laos.  Laos has nothing for me see or do except the bad Hmong red that will always trying to score on us Hmong VP.
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  8. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Nom Hmoob Meskas mus noj 30 nyob Suav teb.   

    No one is perfect.  Doing, fixing, and learning will eventually better all of us Hmong people.  
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  9. LausTxuj added a post in a topic LAO POLITIC/KASMOOS NPLOG KEV XAV   

    Mountangard!  Right?
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  10. LausTxuj added a post in a topic nyob zoo   

    Best wishes to all of you in 2018!
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    * Hmong!  A series of foreigners, hmong worhip  as their lord is Shi Huangdi, the Thai king, Lao king, Mao, Ho, Kaysome, Obama, and many others.  In the end, these people are the ones kicking Hmong people's a.sses. Hmong people are crazy like the old saying "a dog chasing a deer."  I will stop right here.  I just got back from the bar and too drunk to write.
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  12. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Bon Xiong Tsab Ntawv Cem thiab Xav Mus Khawb G. VP Cov Pobtxha Los Hais Plaub Dua   

    Mr. Mother Fucker Xiong is an idiot and psychopath.  He belongs in the psychiatric ward and should have never been allowed to live with human.  A subspecie like the Father Fucker Xiong is no better than serial killer.  Hmong people should chase him out of town.
    Is this, MuderFuder Fucker Xiong, Laura Xiong's Husband? 
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  13. LausTxuj added a post in a topic Nope, no body interesting Hmongza.   

    Hmongza has to allow guests to post.  The other thing is most of the regulars in here are getting old and not looking for love anymore.
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  14. LausTxuj added a post in a topic HMONG GIRL LOOKING FOR OLDER WHITE GUY   

    The Hmong US girls are catching on with the Hmong Lao girls.  Them girls are going up after the food chain, wether we like it or not the boat is going downhill without paddles.
    Our young Hmong guys should parellel themselves with their Hmong brothers in Laos and making money of these girls.  One sucking another dry down the food chain will be the best we can do.
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  15. LausTxuj added a topic in Hmong News, Public Relations ( Xov Xwm )