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  1. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Thaksin Shinawatra   

    นกหวีด เสือแดง อกหัก
    นายหลวงออกพระราชะองการเดียวทั้งสองพ้งหมด เสียเวลาเสียสะตางเสียชีวิดคนในพักพวก. ถืงท่านจะออกโรงมาอีกครั้งกอ่จะมีไครตามไม่?เพราะความผิดพลาดของตัวเอง.
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  2. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Thaksin Shinawatra   

     Shaking Thailand 
    Yingluck was appointed chairman of Shantou International Container Terminals, in Guangdong, on Dec 12.
    The company was listed as 70 per cent-owned by a subsidiary of the family of Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man.
    But a spokesman for parent company CK Hutchison told AFP the subsidiary had recently divested "to a Singaporean investor who has subsequently brought in (an)other investor".
    Hong Kong's land registry shows the residential address given for Yingluck's PT Corporation - a mansion in Hong Kong's exclusive Peak district - is owned by Chen Huaidan, a wealthy Chinese-Singaporean businesswoman.
    Chen is also listed as a director of Shantou International Container Terminals.
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  3. SamxUSA added a post in a topic HOW TO FORM A HMONG GOVERNMENT   

    Cas ho tsis kam mus koom doctor Suav Yaj, thiab Suav Thoj lawv lub Koom Haum Txoom Koom Haiv Hmoob  maj ?  
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  4. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Txiv Neej Q.a.u Ntev 13"   

    Poj niam lub siab tsis kam hais tawm li txiv neej ne
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  5. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiaj Vaj lub koom haum   

    Thaub txhob tsa tus dawb los ua Hmoob Tus Huab Tais Vaj Saub no tej zaum Hmoob yuav tsis hais thiab
    Yog Nyiaj Vaj tsa Nyiaj Vaj tus kheej ua Huab Tais ces Hmoob tsis quav ntsej txog , vim tsa tau los ua tsis tau dab tsi. Tab sis ho mus tsa tus thaub dawb los ua Hmoob tus Huab Tais. Ces Hmoob kawg tsis pom zoo xwb mas tub aw!
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  6. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiaj Vaj lub koom haum   

    Nyiaj Vaj xav ua los pab Hmoob, Tab sis nws tsis xav txog hais tias yam nws ua ntawd Hmoob puas pom zoo,
    Vim nws tsa mab dawb ua Huab Tais (Vaj Saub). Yog Hmoob tsis pom zoo nws txawm ua mus los yuav mus tsis taus.
    Vim yuav tsis muaj neeg koom tes nrog lawv.  Nyiaj Vaj tau hais tias Nyiaj Vaj tsis tau tsa Huab Tais li sawv daws hais.
    Tab sis sawv daws yeej pom thiab hnov cov lus Nyiaj Vaj Tsa Vaj Saub ua Hmoob tus Huab Tais tag lawm. Nws rov dag nws tus kheej los yeej haj yam tsis zoo rau nws lub koom haum.  Leej twg yuav tsa tsawg lub koom haum los tsis muaj neeg hais tau, Tab sis txhob tsa Huab Tais.  Vim Hmoob tsis muaj teb chaws.
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  7. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiaj Vaj lub koom haum   

  8. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiaj Vaj lub koom haum   

  9. SamxUSA added a topic in Love & Relationship ( Kev Hlub , Kev Phooj Ywg )   

    Poj Hmoob kuv phem hluas Nraug
    Poj Hmoob HAM kuv phem Hluas Nraug
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  10. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiag sib UA   

    Hias txog poj niam Hmoob mag thaib kuv phem mas yuav luag txhua tus li os yub aw!
    Mus ua luag qhev ntxuav tais diav ces yeej mag luag muab tswm saum tej rooj tag law mas tub aw!

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  11. SamxUSA added a topic in Story & Experience   

    Liab Qab Mag Ntes
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  12. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiag sib UA   

    Kom peb nco ntsoov peb neeg Asia yav Pob Kws me me luv luv, tus ntev kawg yog 5 1/2" xwb. Ces cov poj Hmoob thiab pheej xav mus sim Dub, Dawb, thiab Khej. Qhov no yog feem ntau poj niam nyiag noj sab nraus. 
    Tab sis Hmoob siab me me mus sib tshov tag ces cia qaug hlub sab nraud ces cia li khiav lawm, Neeg tawv dawb mas luag mus ua tag los luag los nyob tau tus yeej li qub tsis rhuav lub neej.
    Tus niam tswv qaib yog Mab Dawb los yog Hmoob os?  Mab Dawb khoom loj heev li os!
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  13. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Nyiag sib UA   

    Ib cov Poj Hmoob mag txhua hnub li os , cov mus ua hauj lwm office, hospitab, factory, cas mag tas li os.
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  14. SamxUSA added a topic in Love & Relationship ( Kev Hlub , Kev Phooj Ywg )   

    Hubby Watching TV
    Hubby watching porn online finds film starring his wife
    An Egyptian man who went online to watch a porno film for the first time got the shock of his life when he found that the woman in the film was his own wife.

    The man, identified as Ramadan, instantly collapsed in disbelief on the floor at an internet shop before coming round and rushing home to face his unfaithful wife.

    The woman first denied his allegations and started to swear at him, prompting her husband to face her with the film.

    Unable to deny it any more, she confessed to have betrayed him with her pre-marriage boy friend, telling him she had never loved him although they had four children during their 16-year marriage.

    “I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover….it was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity,” Ramadan told Egyptian newspapers at his house in the northeastern province of Dakhalia.

    “She first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films…she then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man.”

    Ramadan said he had been happy during his marriage life until he logged on to that website. Newspapers did not say whether he decided to divorce her.
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  15. SamxUSA added a topic in Love & Relationship ( Kev Hlub , Kev Phooj Ywg )   

    Nyiag sib UA
    Chekoslovakia:  Tau muaj ib tug n txhais ua hauj lwm rau lub Xov Tooj Cua MAXIMUM STUDIO. tau nyiag deev tus thawj
    tswj lub xov tooj cua. Tab sis tau muaj lub koob yees duab caws tseg tau yees tau thaum ob tug tseem tab tom sib deev cia
    tseg lawm.  https://www.facebook.com/100027205698903/videos/117138442536345/
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