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  1. TxawjLem added a post in a topic PAJHLI---HMO HLI NRA TSEEM TOS...   

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  2. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Hmoob noj30 nyob Mooscab, Moosloom thiab moosOm mus rau Khej XaisXoomboom   

    Robot, you heard brother corrected, and it is called "Mos Cab"....LOLz.
    I had been to Laos, and I was there for a month.  I traveled from Vientiane to Phousavahn, Nonhet, Luangpraban, spend total of two weeks at K52 hotels, and Vientiane for week....I was in Laos, but I had never stepped my foot on Laos or pounding Mos Cab....LOLz! I saw a few OGs with Mos Cab at the K52, but that was only two or three in about 2 weeks of stay....smiles!
    because the person who worked at Noudee Hotel is my uncle and auntie, so I stayed that a went to the hotel Doungcai Bar nightly...I did not see much of the Mos Cab...there are a few, but nothing caught my eyes at all, bro Laustxuj...hahhaaha smiles!
    that is why I told you that, many times we see things with our very own eyes, and we cannot trust ourselves.  Please don't trust anything that we just heard...smiles!  
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  3. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Hmoob noj30 nyob Mooscab, Moosloom thiab moosOm mus rau Khej XaisXoomboom   

    Many times we see things with our very own eyes, we cannot even trust ourselves--therefore, please don't trust anything that you heard..smiles!
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  4. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Txiv Neej hmoob nyob qab choj   

    There are plenty of homeless shelter in Madcity, however, I truly believe that they want to make noise, name and frame for both of Naokeng and him--thay was why they chose it that way, for him to live under the bridge.
    niam #6 will becoming soon, because Kaujqhaum-Maijhaus... due to his situation as a homeless person, there are hmong woman who had already offered him to be husband--somewhere in Alaska, if you were listened to the initial video--there is a woman already offered him home and place in Alaska.
    -tej pojniam no ces tsi mloog qab tog hausxov li, hnov tsi tau dabtsi nrov xwb twb ua ntej me Lees lawm..ces thaum kawg li mam paub tias luag twb muaj niam mos-ab nyob nplogteb lawm...LOLz@Sillyme
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  5. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Xwv Xwm Moob tebchaws   

    txhua lub yeej thov khaws coj mus noj mus haus tiag, tabsi tus tau noj yog Hmoob... qhov kuv hais no mas, tus tau noj thiab coj cov me nkaujmogmim mus rau puag tseem yog tus Dawb lawm thiab no ces cuag li yus tsavneeg tseem ruamm dhau hwv lawm no xwb....smiles@nkaujmogmim_silly
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  6. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Neeg Suav Phem Tiag Tiag, Yog Muaj Li Nov Tiag   

    kuv twb hais ntej dhau los lawm ntau zau ned, cov neeg siab phem thiab nyoo tshaj mas tseem yog sab ntuj tim ub no ned....hmmmm
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  7. TxawjLem added a topic in Love & Relationship ( Kev Hlub , Kev Phooj Ywg )   

    Xaiv yus los tsit au...
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  8. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Xwv Xwm Moob tebchaws   

    without a group of people who is willing to give freely and willingly, due to a cause or a belief of their Fake=Faith...you then will never able to achieve anything to the whole...as the Hmong people.  Therefore, you need someone like SX, or Yuepheng Xiong (Temple of Hmongism), to manufacturing a belief to able to move a group to a new horizon...
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  9. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Txiv Neej hmoob nyob qab choj   

    I told you so, he went to Laos and married to a niam mos-ab in Laos... he scanned most of the Hmong Laos money, and they were talking about taking his life-- the father-in-law in Laos took his own money and bought a plane ticket for him to return back to the US...just before he went to stay under the bridge.
    I also saw him rode his bike around my work place at the capital- or downtown Madison...I just saw him rode his bike passed me yesterday.
    oooooooooopps, one of the building in the video is my work place...smiles!
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  10. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Ntshe yuav yog li no, thiaj li nyob rau hauv Hmongza no xwb tiag laud...LOLz   

    Yog mas, yawm txiv Nkaj.. ib leeg yeej muaj ib zaj dagneeg zais ntshi - nyob tsi qhia neej, tuag tsi qhia dab... tiag mas nawb...
    tsi muaj leej twg txog dabtsi lawm, tso tej video no rau npawg KVK thiab Robot los tham kev ua si... txawj co cev kawg kiag...
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  11. TxawjLem added a post in a topic .   

    kuv xav tias koj noog li koj ces koj xav kom peb hmoob ntshaw niam-yaus nkaujmog coob tus coj los puag xwb no...thiab ntshaw nto npe, ntshaw lub npe nom thiab ntshaw nyiaj ntshaw kub xwb no...smiles!
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  12. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Xwv Xwm Moob tebchaws   

    I wish Silly would take Txawjlem into her thoughts and consideration as she wrote here....hehehehe LOLz!
    here is not complaint, dear!  just expressed my thoughts and opinions how the organization will be using all the Hmong head counts to raise funds for the White man--and those who are willing to make the contribution will be the poor and uneducated and unthinkable Hmong men out there, and it is heartening...that's the very reason I said what I said...smiles 
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  13. TxawjLem added a post in a topic Xwv Xwm Moob tebchaws   

    always remember that white men only wanted you when they need meats and young chick "Noobxaum noib"...when there is no $$$$, they don't even look at you like a dogg.... tom qab twb tuaj kawm txawj kawm ntse tshaj 40 tawm lub xyoo lawm ua yus tseem mus ua devv thawjthiab thiab mus tsa tus neeg tawvdawb los ua yus tus Vaj xwb... cas yuav txaus tusiab ua luaj li--tej koom tsi  haum li no tsi yog tsim tsa los united all race, tabsi tsim tsa los thovkhawv noj thovkhawv haus xwb--yog thaum koj tus Hmoob yus tus ua hauvpauv haus ces tagnrho me roj me ntshav thiab $$$$$ yog koj yog tus khwv thiab thovkhawv los thiaj li tau noj tau haus xwb...thaum zoo li no, koj tseem coj rov qab mus pub rau lwm tus neeg noj lwm tus neeg haus lawm thiab ces zoo qhov twg tuaj... tsi yog koom5haum tsa los cawmseej, tabsi yog koom5haum non-profit nyob under UNPO los thovkhawv rau cov tswj haujlwm kom tau noj tau haus thiab tau nkauj-mos-ab puag xwb....
    dhau no, ces Txawjlem qhabnab ces tos mloog seb lawv qhov next projects ua yuav ua pubpab hmoob pemroob zoo li cas lawm xwb tiag...smiles hehehehee
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