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Activity Stream

  1. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic HMOOB tus VAJ   

    Yog los mas, qhov Hmoob tsis sawv vaj lawm los twb yog Hmoob tsis niam "khay" txog vaj Hmoob li lawm ne.  Yog Hmoob "khay" txog meb, vaj sawv qhov txhia chaw tuaj ua tebchaws rau Hmoob nyob tiag.
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  2. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic Lub ntuj puas muaj qhov muag   

    Yog li Tubkawm hais saum no lawm.  Thaum koj tshaib yuav tuag, koj tau noj tau haus, txhob noj, cev rau lwm tus noj.  Thaum koj tuag tas ces ntuj thiaj pab koj nawb.
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  3. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic All Child Support in the U.S. End on June 11th 2018?   

    Sab ntuj no, los rau tam sim no, qhov xovxwm no yog zoo rau cov pojniam ntau dua lawm.  Vim lub sijhawm no, cov pojniam yog cov mus caum hluas nraug ntau, es tso menyuam nrog cov txiv nyob.  Kuv hnov ntau tus txiv neej Hmoob tseem ua lub siab dawb siab ntev tos seb puas muaj hnub lawv tus pojniam rov los nrog lawv ua neej hos. 
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  4. tub kawm added a post in a topic Lub ntuj puas muaj qhov muag   

    Lub ntuj yeej muaj 2 lub qhov muag 1 yam li yus  yog neeg yog tsiaj  huv si = ntuj 2 lub qhov muag saib mus li no =1 lub sab lauj saib mus rau  kev txom nyem kev pluag  kev mob nkeeg ;
    lub lub 2 nyob sab xis  saib mus rau hom kev ua phem ; muaj  thiab liam hiam ; ua  phem tau zoo : yog koj rau kev txom nyem  koj thov ntuj rau luag zam rau tus siab phem liam hiam : ntuj thiaj pab koj tus raug luag  tsim txom ; raug kev txom nyem ;pab kev pluag rau koj : yog koj thov ntuj pab koj no ces ntuj mus pab luag lawm = koj poob kev tsim tsom ;poob kev pluag los ntuj tseem los qee ntawm koj mus pab rau tus muaj ,tus tsim txom koj lawm : koj xav tau ntuj pab koj no koj thov kom ntuj mus pab luag ; ntuj thiaj los pab koj nawb
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  5. robot added a post in a topic Xav Nyob Ib Leeg   

    Tej zaum yuav muaj tseeb li koj hais laiv hlob Vajhuam: Vim tias kuv twb laus laus thiab twb muaj 1 tug niam Mos Ab  lawm los kuv tseem pheej xav xav rov mus tim nplog  muaj dua lwm tus nkauj hmoob nplog ntxiv  ne.
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  6. Vajhuamsibluag added a post in a topic Xav Nyob Ib Leeg   

    Kuv tsis tau paub dua, tabsis nhov neeg tham dua lawm tias tus neeg twg xav nyob ib leeg xwb yog nws tsis muaj sexual feeling lawm no. Puas tseeb tiag ne?
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  7. SamxUSA added a post in a topic Thaksin Shinawatra   

  8. SamxUSA added a post in a topic ອ້າຍມະຫາບໍ່ຮູ້ຈັກເຮັດວຽກກາງຄືນ.   

    Yog txawm thaub laus lawm los yuav tau ua kom tus pog no tsis tau pwb tsaug zog kiag
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  9. Vajhuamsibluag added a post in a topic Hmoob lub neej   

    Tsis phem thiab mas, yog txhob muaj neeg sab nraud tuaj nxias Hmoob.
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  10. tub kawm added a post in a topic Hmoob lub neej   

    hajhajhajhaj= ua cas  yuav hais txaus luag  ua luaj ne!!!
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  11. robot added a post in a topic ອ້າຍມະຫາບໍ່ຮູ້ຈັກເຮັດວຽກກາງຄືນ.   

    Hlob SamxUSA:
    Kheev lam yog peb cov laus no mas tus poj thaib no yeej nkos tag lawm os nawb.
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  12. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic Puas muaj ntxiv lawm   

    Tawv Ncauj,
    Hmoob lub neej tom ntej tsuas muaj yuav zoo zuj zus xwb.  Tsuas yog vim sawv daws tsis pom, pheej xav hais tias yuav ua hnub no kom tau noj tag kis xwb, es thiaj ua ua puas siab puas ntsws tas, thiab ua ntiav ntiav ntawm daim tawv xwb.  Hmoob lub neej nws tsis yog li.  Hmoob lub neej yog ua mus txhiab xyoo xwb.  Ib tiam neeg yeej tsis tau li.  Txhob nyuab siab, Hmoob lub neej ces yeej yog tam sim no, ua li koj thiab kuv niaj hnub ua lawm ntag, yam li tus dej yeej ntws muaj kwj, tsuas yog Hmoob tsis paub xwb.  Koj tsis ua los Hmoob lub neej yeej yuav mus zuj zus, thiab zoo zuj zus.....yog yus tsis peem ces yus thiab yus tsev neeg yuav poob qab xwb los mas.
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  13. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic Xav Nyob Ib Leeg   

    Thaum zoo li neb hais saum no ces yog dhuav lawm los mas.....tag kev cia siab.  Tsis xav kov li lawm.   Noj dabtsi yuav tau maj mam noj thiaj tsis kem plab....
    Neb ua tau zoo advisors lawm los mas.
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  14. Nujtxeeg added a post in a topic Bawg Nujtxeeg - World Pauslistiv   


    Missile fire is seen from Damascus, Syria May 10, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki
    Iran launched an attack on Israel —
    and they got badly beaten and internationally abandoned...
     Alex Lockie: May 10, 2018 Iran launched a missile strike on northern Israel late Wednesday night, with 20 Grad and Fajr rocket s taking off from Syria in what was widely seen as a retaliation after months of Israeli airstrikes punishing their forces.Israel's response reportedly crushed Iranian forces in Syria.After the attack, not even Iran's allies came to its defense, with even Bahrain condemning Iran's attack, though Iran was badly punished for it.Now, Iran's only recourse may be to silently take the beating or unleash Hezbollah for all-out war on Israel. Iran launched a missile strike on northern Israel late Wednesday night, with 20 Grad and Fajr rocket s taking off from Syria in what was widely seen as a retaliation after months of Israeli airstrikes punishing their forces — but it looks like they got crushed.
    Not only does Israel say it intercepted a number of the Iranian missiles, it says the other missiles failed to reach their target and sputtered out while still in Syria.
    The response from Israel included many more missiles, and, according to Israel, did serious damage that will take a long time to rebuild.
    How we got here

    Israeli security forces examine the remains of an F-16 Israeli war plane near the Israeli village of Harduf, Israel February 10, 2018.REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun  
    For years, Iran's clerical regime has chanted "death to Israel" and supported Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas on Israel's borders in Gaza and the West Bank, which the US designates as terror organizations.
    Since Iran became involved in Syria's civil war, Israel assesses it has attempted to move in forces and military assets to the Jewish state's borders in an attempt to arm its allies and attack Israel within its borders. Israel rarely admits to specific strikes, but owns that it has struck Iranians in Syria more than 100 times since 2012.
    In February, Israel reported that an armed Iranian drone flew into its airspace, which it shot down. Israel then launched massive air raids on Iranian-linked targets in Syria, and claimed to have wiped out half of Syria's air defenses in the process.
    Scattered strikes in April escalated tensions by targeting not just Iranian proxies, but actual uniformed Iranian soldiers, and some high-up ones at that. Israel started warning of a prospective Iranian retaliation around this point.
    The strike

    Missile fire is seen over Daraa, Syria May 10, 2018.REUTERS/Alaa al-Faqir  
    Israel released maps and even a simulated video of the strikes it carried out on Iranian targets in Syria. Russia claimed Syrian defenses downed more than half of the Israeli missiles, but they have consistently made dubious, unverified claims about Syrian missile defenses in the past.
    Here are the Israeli media posts:

    A map posted online by the Israel Defense Forces showing what they say are Iranian positions they struck. Embedded is footage from one of the strikes.Israel Defense Forces  
    The aftermath

    Lebanese soldiers inspect the remnants of a missile in Haberiyeh, Lebanon May 10, 2018. REUTERS/Karamallah Daher  
    Iran's long-awaited retaliation finally came. Former Israeli deputy defense minister Ephraim Sneh told Business Insider that Israel targeted "the intelligence and the infrastructure" of Iran's forces in Syria, doing "heavy damage" which "will take time to repair." Israel's current defense minister said they took out most of Iran's infrastructure in Syria.
    In the end, the US, UK, and France all condemned Iran for its missile attack on Israel without mentioning Israeli incursions into Syria to strike Iranians. France went as far as saying that Iran's actions towards Israel merit revisiting and expanding the Iran nuclear deal to rein in Tehran's regional activity.
    Bahrain, a Gulf Arab country that rarely speaks to Israel, even condemned Iran's attack and asserted Israel's right to defend itself. Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told Business Insider that while they might not say it, other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt, probably support Israel pushing back Iran's influence.
    Russia urged mutual calm in the wake of the massive air war in which its ally, Iran, suffered badly.
    What was missing was a total lack of international outrage. Israel carried out the strike with impunity after entering Syrian airspace uninvited. It lost no soldiers or civilians. Iran has been badly beaten by its great enemy and condemned on the world stage days after the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.
    Now, Iran's only recourse may be to silently take the beating or unleash Hezbollah for all-out war on Israel.
    But Israel may be ready for that as well, as Israeli reporter Barak Ravid quoted Israel's defense minister as saying, "If it rains in Israel, it will pour in Iran."


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  15. Roob Phwvlis added a post in a topic TUS KAB MOB CANCER TXOV HMOOB LOS TAU ZE 600 TAWM XYOO & TSEEM YUAV MUAJ NTXIV   

    1 feem neeg yog li koj hais tiamsis feem ntau yog lawv yeej thoj nam tuaj zoo nkaus li peb thiab.  Vim li no peb thiaj li  nyob sib xyaws pes ntxaws li no.  Koj sim tig ntsia seb mas txhob hais lwm haivneeg, peb Hmoob xwb twb muaj ntau hom coj dab qhuas thiab Jesus lawm ne.  Txawm li ntawd los peb twb tsis muaj tus yuav mus tawmtsam tau lub tebchaws no li.  Luag tus Constitution thiaj li muaj 1 nqe lus nyob rau hauv hais tias FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  Qhov no qhia tau meej kawg lawm tias koj YUAV NTSEEG YAM DABTSI LOS TAU TAG NRHO vim nws yog 1 qhov KEV NTSEEG xwb.  Tsuas yog cov Neeg muaj ntsis UA SAUB thiab tsis TEES KOOS LOOS thiaj li muab tej kev cai no los SAIB HLOB ces dhau ua teebmeem rau nws tuskheej xwb.
    Muaj tseeb rau cov uas zoo li koj thiab kuv peb no yus haivneeg tsis muaj av ces zoo li  lub NOOB QOOB CUA TSHUAB YA MUS POOB SAUM POBZEB XWB TSIS MUAJ AV RAU COV CAG MUS NTSIA, THAUM LOS NAG LOJ LOS NAG NTAUS YUAV POOB HOS TSHAV NTUJ DHAU LOS TSIS MUAJ DEJ YUG. NTSHAV NTUJ LOS  NAG LOS YUS YUAV TUAG  LI NE.  Hos 1 cov ces lawv hais tias YUS NYOB LUB TEBCHAWS TWG CES LUB  TEBCHAWS NTAWD YOG YUS LUB no es lawv thiaj li ua TEEBMEEM rau Hmoob thiab XX Hmong Tebchaws.
    Nyob zoo CWJMEMDUB,
    Zoo siab rov pom koj tuaj tshwm hauv no os phoojywg.  Nej ploj tag lawm tshuav wb 2 yawg tuaj zov Hmongza lawm xwb tsis tau luag kiag li.  khoom no tuaj peb nyob lam hlwb os.  Yog nej tsis tuaj thiab ces tsis ntev no kuv rov mus Nplog lawm ces ua siab mus nyob tebchaws tid tsis tuaj lawm lau.  Vim tias nyob tebchaws twg los Hmoob tsis txawj sib hlub, menyuam tebchaws no los tsis txawj hlub tej laus thiab ces kavliam rov mus nyob Nplog kav tsawg hnub los xam tsawg hnub os.
    Peb tham txog nej tus kwvtij Hmoob Yaj Sanyu/Xeev Yum thiab los mas.  Nyob rau Youtube mas Hmoob tuaj sib ceg coob kawg hauv li.  Nej cov kwvtij Hmoob Yaj mas muaj ntau tus XAV LOS UA NAIS KAV HMOOB kawg li os yom.  Nej tus kwvtij ntawd hais lus QAUB kuv pob ntseg kawg nkaus li.  Hais lus ua piv ua pauv li ntawd xwb es khav tuaj mus cem neeg rau neeg ntiajteb hnov txhua hehehe.  Ua neeg nyob HLWB TAJ TSIS TSHAJ NTAWD lawm mas tos ho tuaj hais lus rau sawvdaws mloog.  Nej sim xav seb puas yog li kuv hais vim tias nws mus nug cov menyuam yaus 5-6 xyoo txog kev ua tebchaws ua dabtsi ma.  Twb tsis hais menyuam yaus na!!!! tus neeg laus los twb tsis paub qees na puas yog??  Khib mam pas dej xwb os.  Zoo li ntawd thiaj li mus tham Tseemmoob tus phoojywg li hluasnkauj ma.
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  16. robot added a post in a topic NYOB ZOO HNUB TSHIAB   

    ...........haha..........Cwj ? Ua li cas es kuv hos tsis tau paub cov nkauj khab koj hais kod ne? ntawm kuv nyob no twb muaj Khab coob heev kawg tab sis mas kuv los nrog lawv nyob tau 3 lub xyoo no kuv yeej tsis tau pom ib tug nkauj Khab xyov nws zoo li cas li as.
    Kuv kuj hnov cov phooj ywg hais tias yog xav pom nkauj Khab ces kom kuv pais nrog lawv twv txiaj ces pom xwb, tab sis kuv ho tsis nyiam mus ua hom ntawd ces kuv thiaj li tsis tau pom ne, 
    Zoo siab uas pom koj rov tuaj xauj peb os lov.
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  17. SamxUSA added a topic in Love & Relationship ( Kev Hlub , Kev Phooj Ywg )   

    ອ້າຍມະຫາບໍ່ຮູ້ຈັກເຮັດວຽກກາງຄືນ. ອີກຍັງບໍ່ເຂົ້າໃຈຢອດນ້ຳເຕົາຊ້ຳ. ຈືງຖືກເມັຍຕີຫົວ
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  18. cwjmemdub added a post in a topic Xav Nyob Ib Leeg   

    Maiv nyiaj, kuv ces nyob li Meskas lawm xwb.  Tus txheeb2 yus thiab tus zoo2 phoojywg kuv thiaj li mus tsham xwb tsis li ces yus nyob yus twjywm thiaj tsis muaj2 teebmeem.
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  19. cwjmemdub added a post in a topic TUS KAB MOB CANCER TXOV HMOOB LOS TAU ZE 600 TAWM XYOO & TSEEM YUAV MUAJ NTXIV   

    Nyob zoo Tseemmoob,
    Koj tus phoojywg ntawd kuv ntsia nws lub ximxoo xeebceem mas yog hom neeg opportunist.  Nws nyiam huas ub no rau nws tus kheej tshaj qhov yuav hlub lwm tus lawm.  Cov tub txawj ntxhais ntse ces yeej tsis zoo dabtsi li thiab os nawb.  Niam txiv kawm siab ces tub ki mus ua laib ua tub sab tub nyiag hos cov niam txiv txom nyem ces tub ntxhais rau2 siab kawm tau doctor lawyer.  lub cycle no ces yeej repeat tsis paub kawg li.  Cov Hmoob Teb Chaws ntawd kuv paub qho tug thiab mas.  Qhov lawv ntxias nyiaj mas tsis muaj vim lawv yog cov neeg in the chicken industry lawv yeej muaj nyiaj tiag.  Qhov kuv paub tsis zoo ces seb lawv tus Keeb Thawj Xeeb yuav ua tiag los yog dag noj dag haus xwb.  Thaum Xeeb rau kaw xwb kuv twb twv tau tias yog Steve Vang Mous yog tus tsim teebmeem lawm.  Yog Xeeb ua 1 tug accout rau nws cov nyiaj ces nws yuav tsis raug txim li no.  Li cas los peb yog Hmoob peb yuav tau qaug qab soj qhov tseeb seb yog li cas es peb mam li daws qhov teebmeem mas thiaj li ua chaw piamsij rau peb haiv neeg.  Hais li koj tus phoojywg ntxeev siab ntawd hais yog Hmoob Teb Chaws xav foob nws ces muaj 1 hnub nws lub Hmong Globe yuav ploj mus.  Vim kuv ntseeg tias lawv tsis lam muaj nyiaj los ua lawv lub koomhaum Hmong Globe.  Lawv yuav tsum muaj donors pab lawv.  Yog thaum lawv siv lawv cov funds rau tus kheej li nws ces cov donors paub lawv yuav tsis support nws ces Hmong Globe kawg tuag.
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  20. cwjmemdub added a post in a topic NYOB ZOO HNUB TSHIAB   

    Nyob zoo hnub tshiab rau koj os Laus Npam.
    Tsis yog tau niam mos ab hos yog mus tham tau nkauj Khab lawm xwb.  Tiamsis, nkauj khab siv nyiaj loj dhau lawm 1 week $700 - $800 li ces thiaj ua siab muab nkauj khab tso tseg lawm es thiaj rov tuaj tsham nej seb nej ho nyob li cas lawm.  Koj mus ua plis los zoo nawb.  vim tebchaws no muaj plis coob koj thiaj yuav muaj phoojywg deev koj siab.  ehehehe.
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  21. Taw Qhia added a post in a topic Lub ntuj puas muaj qhov muag   

    Tawv Ncauj,
    Cov neeg txom nyem tsuas vim yog 3 yam li nram no xwb.
    1.  Yog neeg tub nkeeg.
    2.  Yog neeg phem, coj yam ntxwv phem, muaj kev npam.
    3.  Yog neeg zimtxwv tsis tau txog (menyuam yaus) thiab zimtxwv xaus (laus), ua tsis taus lawm.  Tiam sis yog thaum nws tseem hluas, nws tsis tub nkeeg thiab coj ncaj ncees ces thaum laus yeej tsis txom nyem luaj twg.
    Kuv xav tias 80% ntawm cov neeg txom nyem poob rau nqi 1-2.  Yog tsis mos/laus, txhob tub nkeeg thiab coj ncaj ces guaranteed yeej tsis txom nyem.  
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  22. tseemmoob added a post in a topic TUS KAB MOB CANCER TXOV HMOOB LOS TAU ZE 600 TAWM XYOO & TSEEM YUAV MUAJ NTXIV   

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  23. robot added a post in a topic NYOB ZOO HNUB TSHIAB   

    Nej pais nej tag, Kwv Khamvookham los ploj lawm tsis kam tawm tuaj li ntshe yog yawg mus mag nkauj Mos Ab lub mav lawm los ua li cas es thaum yawg rov qab los txog yawg kuj tuaj lwm puas xwb ces cia li tsis tuaj li lawm, Hos kuv  Yij Koobpovtxuj ces nws twb ua ntej lawm,  nej tso kuv nyob ib leeg lawm xwb ces kuv yuav pais ua Plis os nawb, Twb ua Zab tau 4 niaj 5 xyoos no lawm twb dag tsis laib leej twg dab tsi, yog yuav pais ua Tsov los tam sim no twb tsis muaj hav zoov nuj txeeg yuav mus nkaum lawm ces kawg tsav chij dawb es mus ua Plis lawm os nawb.
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  24. missdior added a topic in Introduce Your Self ( Piav Txog Koj Tus Kheej )   

    keep becoming better and better with every passing
     Stomach acids are important for proper digestion of the foods consumed. However Wholesale[quote] Trent Williams Jersey , if the acid develops in excess, it can lead to acid reflux, which is otherwise referred as heartburn and acidity. In addition, it is also referred to as GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Some people with this problem will experience discomfort, while some also experience pain apart from burning sensation. This pain will be felt not only in stomach Wholesale[quote] Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , but the individual with this problem can also feel it in the back of the through, which in turn will cause chest pain, wheezing and dry cough in some people. Most people suffer from these issues from time to time, particular after food consumption.

    What can cause stomach acid to increase?

    Some factors like those mentioned below can contribute towards this problem:

    1. Swallowing the food without properly chewing
    2. Lying down soon after food consumption
    3. Pregnancy
    4. Obesity
    5. Some other medical condition.

    To improve overall health, it is highly important that the acidity problem should be corrected and this can be done with herbal remedy called as Herbozyme capsule.

    What are Herbozyme capsules?

    Individuals looking for natural ways to reduce acidity can very well rely on these capsules as they are made out of all natural ingredients with digestive properties to help them get out of the issue. These capsules have ingredients that can soothe the stomach to cure irritation and burning sensation. In addition Wholesale[quote] Sean Taylor Jersey , the herbal ingredients in these capsules will prevent and cure bloating and gas, which occur in some people due to increased acidity level in the body. In addition to contributing towards healthy digestion, these capsules will also help with effective absorption of nutrients from the foods consumed. When the foods consumed gets properly digested and when the nutrients are absorbed the body, it will automatically improve overall health.

    Ingredients: As mentioned earlier, individuals looking for natural ways to reduce acidity can rely on Herbozyme capsules due to its effectiveness. In addition cheap[quote] Dustin Hopkins Jersey , as these capsules are made out of all natural ingredients like those mentioned below, all of them will help to improve overall health:

    Hing: It is otherwise called as asafetida is generally added as an important ingredient in Indian cooking. This addition is not just because of its flavor, but also because of its digestive and other benefits. Here is the list of benefits this ingredient can bring:

    1. It can address indigestion
    2. Flatulence will be effectively addressed
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  25. missdior added a topic in Introduce Your Self ( Piav Txog Koj Tus Kheej )   

    for your garden cheap[quote] Jerseys From China
     Thus you are able to be assured that you'll be experienceing this wanted result that you're seeking. Thinking about the undisputable health improvements that the colon cleanse product can offer Washington Redskin Women's Jersey , that is certainly sugg[quote]ested to obtain the perfect one for us When trying to purchase a colon cleanse solution, you will in all probability need to procure the very best colon facial cleanser for your own personel needs. Thus you are able to be assured that you'll be experienceing this wanted result that you're seeking. Thinking about the undisputable health improvements that the colon cleanse product can offer, that is certainly sugg[quote]ested to obtain the perfect one for use on your situation.

    So, how will you define an item as "the very best?Inch There might be a number of different criteria to take into account and probably the most helpful ones is always to choose a well known title brand or at best a title that's been well considered within the product market. When customers are pleased having a certain product Minnesota Vikings Women's Jersey , there's often a good reason for this. Namely, the supplement is a that detoxifies well otherwise outright surpasses anticipation. Vitamins similar to this is obviously one you'll desire to invest you consumer dollar in.

    Most frequently the format from the colon cleanse supplement will may play a role in how fully the body assimilates it. To provide you with a good example, many people will prefer colon cleanse supplements which come as powders. These powders could be included with fluids. When consumed, they'll absorb in to the bloodstream very rapidly meaning you will get probably the most benefit from them. Furthermore Cleveland Browns Women's Jersey , powder types of the merchandise can frequently claim the layer to be one of the better colon skin cleansers present available on the market.

    Additionally to these kinds of people, you will see individuals that find utilizing a powder form to become a little too complex. That's okay. It is usually easy to make use of the capsule type of the merchandise. Capsules are simple to handle because the only factor you're to complete is swallow all of them with water. They are able to generally absorb in to the system rather fast which contributes to their benefit. However take care not to exceed the sugg[quote]ested dosage because this would result in the body eliminating the surplus and never supplying any extra help to your body.

    And just how does your stomach respond to taking supplements in a kind of capsules? For many, certain skin cleansers could cause an upset stomach. It might certainly be superior to prevent using this type of colon cleanse product because the problem certainly exceeds any rewards that may be acquired. And why would you'll need a situation for example that inside a product that's meant that will help you? You will find couple of excellent colon skin cleansers available on the market. So, there's pointless to remain having a product which could potentially cause you any problems one of the ways or another.

    Individual experience is frequently a great indicator of what's your very best colon facial cleanser. If you're going for a colon cleanse supplement and feel you're obtaining good results Houston Texans Women's Jersey , it might easily be better to stick to while using facial cleanser. Most definitely, there'd be pointless to create a change when your work works. This is actually the most sage advice anybody could give about them. 5 inch touch screen GPS navigator with FM Transmitter that feels like you're holding the most stylish GPS navigator. This GPS unit comes in a sleek three color design, Red, Silver and Black. Driving will never be the same again thanks to its wonderful performance and smooth touch screen interface.

    Why choose this GPS navigator and not another? Well Dallas Cowboys Women's Jersey , form and function are principles of design and performance. The CVGY-CS18 brings balance to this ancient old formula and presents itself with beautiful design characteristics and great performance. Truly elevating itself as a more attractive GPS navigator with multimedia features to keep you entertained, just encase you know where you're going and don't need the assistance of the GPS navigation. This handheld portable GPS navigator can be used anywhere and fits nicely in your carry-on bag[quote]. This unit comes with a headset plug-in, mini USB connection and SD card slot that are all located on the side of the unit for easy reach.

    This unit supports functions like voice directions, automatic re-routing if you take a wrong turn Tampa Bay Buccaneers Women's Jersey , 3D mapping, and night mode. Use this GPS device to reach your destination on time every time. Before you head out, load it up with all your favorite music, video New York Jets Women's Jersey , and picture files. Listen to your audio files with the earphones, the built-in speaker, or through your car's speakers. The CVGY-CS18 comes in an attractive design with professional look and feel to it. This is a premium high performance GPS navigator that has one of the most user friendly menu navigation system with an silky smooth touchscreen interface.

    At a Glance...

    * Can be used with a 16 GB sd card
    * Very simple menu system, slide of finger to select menu.
    * Comes with adjustable mounting bracket for maximum viewing comfort
    * 5 inch LCD touch screen display makes navigation and viewing easy for the driver.

    China Manufacturer Specifications

    * Primary Function: 5 Inch touchscreen GPS navigator with multimedia features
    * Screen Resolution: 480 x 272
    * Menu Display Features:
    - GPS Media Games Tools Setting GPS Info
    * Media: Music discount[quote] Arizona Cardinals Jersey , Video, Photo, eBook
    * on board Buttons and Slots:
    - Power ONOFF
    - SD CARD Slot
    - Mini USB Slot
    - Front Side MIC
    - Speaker
    - Headphone 2.5mm plug-in
    * General GPS System Specifications
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